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Auto Shippers Express,
Inc. is fully insured, bonded and regulated
by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

U.S. Department of Transportation

1194 1ST AVE #4G, NEW YORK, NY 10065

Phone: 347-748-2113
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Ship with confidence

Since 1998 Auto Shipper’s Express has been in the auto transport industry. Founded with the principal that the prompt safe delivery for their vehicles was what Auto Shipper’s Express customers deserved. To insure that this takes place Auto Shipper’s Express screens their drivers by both their peer ratings, accident history, experience and their expected delivery time.

Auto Shipper’s Express is the go to source for auto transport for customers who need to get their vehicles shipped in a hurry. Auto Shipper’s Express can’t promise overnight delivery, but our Express Dispatch Service is unmatched for speed of pickup and travel time. This usually results in a savings of several days on each vehicle move.

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